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planetForest are engaged in activities that aim to barrier-free society of information.
so that it is reportedly sufficient medical and scientific information to those who are elderly or handicap.

Illustrations, tells the information by "show". However, not shows information in the case that can not be seen. So, what is really transmitted information?
Many of the advertising and media,shocking title, illustrations, and photos will remain in the eye. There is trick to shake the feeling,because must have my first interested.
we need the following information as a material that can think.

planetForest and local people study meeting" Botan no kai ", we have learned together how to handle information as a material to think.

" Botan no kai "
IT & chatter salon.
we have a study session of information equipment and Internet services with a focus on personal computer. Twice a month, it has been held at the Nagoya Minato-ku in Central Guide Dog Association.
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※ " Botan no kai " is a registered volunteer organization of Nagoya Minato-ku Social Welfare Council.
※ Profit of Goods, all are donated to the Association of " Botan no kai " , it is used as the operating costs.

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