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Terms of use

planetForest web site (hereinafter, the Site) Thank you for using the. at the time the customer is accessing this site, it will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.
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Use of the Site, it shall be the responsibility of the customer. planetForest is not responsible for any damages or losses occurring as a result of our customers action. All of the information provided on the Site, copyright laws of each country, have been protected by the relevant treaties and legislation. Reproduced without the permission of their respective owners, it can not be diverted. The information on the Site, there is a case to change without notice. the Site may not be displayed correctly depending on the setting of the customer's browser. Please note. Links to content that contains the following content is strictly prohibited. contrary to public order and morals content Illegal content Adult content rights and content that interfere with the business

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Terms of use